CIA has been without an Inspector General for 14 months

AP’s Adam Goldman reminded us all yesterday that the CIA has been without an Inspector General for over a year.  Given that the Inspector General is the only watchdog for the CIA, and considering their central role in prisoner abuses, torture, illicit drug trafficking, extrajudicial assassina…oops, I mean targeted killings, and a plethora of other activities that you’re supposed to believe are only the bailiwick of the “bad guys,” it seems to me that an Inspector General might come in handy.

Unless, of course, the goal is to allow the CIA even more secrecy than ever as its dirty tricks facilitate the unending expansion of the corporate empire.  But wait!  We have a Nobel Peace Laureate in the White House, who promised an unprecedented level of transparency and openness in government.  Oh well, you didn’t actually believe that goebbelsdygook did you?  Not only is the American emperor wearing no clothes, but he’s also brazenly slapping you in the face with his … well, you know what I mean.

And speaking of the CIA’s dirty tricks, have you heard that some of the CIA drone operators are concerned that their drone strikes are doing a wonderful job of creating more terrorists?  Retired Army Lt. Colonel Jeffrey Addicott recently said this:

“Some of the CIA operators are concerned that, because of its blowback effect, it is doing more harm than good…”

He went on to say that CIA officers “are very upset” with the drone strike policy, and that “they’ll do what the boss says, but they view it as a harmful exercise,” and that the strikes “infuriate the Muslim male,” making them “view Americans as cowards and weasels.”

Shocking, right?  And all this time, I was under the impression that they hated us for our freedom.

And hell, at this point, the fact that the drone strikes have the troubling side-effect of turning innocent passersby into mincemeat goes without saying, right?

I am again reminded of a terrific quote from one of Chris Floyd’s commenters:

“There is no logical way to respond to being attacked by a robot in the sky.”


But hey, we don’t need no stinking Inspector General.


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