The Landless Peasant Party

“Man is the only animal on earth that has to pay to be here.  How did we manage that?  Our basic need for shelter has been turned into a way to make the most money possible for the property market.  How did we arrange that???

~Deek Jackson, The Landless Peasant Party

I think it’s about time that we start a United States chapter of the Landless Peasant Party.

Wait, what is the Landless Peasant Party?

I’ll allow the party leader, Deek Jackson, to explain.

In my opinion, Deek gets it like few others.  He understands that even though we have cell phones, cars, video games, and flat screen TVs, we’re all still basically cogs in the corporate elite’s war and profit machine.  A machine that enriches the few on the backs of the many, all while destroying the earth.

Here’s a bit more to ponder.

And while you’re at it, pay a visit to Deek’s FKN Newz site as well, for weekly updates on how current events are tightening the neofeudal yoke on peasants everywhere, or as Deek often says:

“Here’s the weather, the planet’s fucked, it’s your fault, and it’s getting worse.  Have a nice weekend.”


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