60 Minutes on the BP nightmare

Last night, 60 Minutes aired a very important interview with Mike Williams, who was the chief electronics technician in charge of the computers and electrical systems on the Deep Horizon oil rig.  He barely survived the explosion and sinking of the rig that has led to what just might be the largest environmental disaster in all of recorded history.

In the interview, Williams describes a carnival a criminally irresponsible decision-making that occurred between Transocean, the rig owners, and BP in the weeks leading up to the disaster.  Most important among these decisions was the one to ignore the fact that the blowout preventer, the rig’s most vital piece of safety equipment,” had been damaged.” It was this decision that ultimately caused the disaster, but hey, life is full of risks, right?  After all, time is money, and corporate profits are way more important than a few dead rig workers, or the livelihood of the gulf fishermen, or, you know, an entire fucking ecosystem.

Mike Williams did not mention the fact that the Obama administration had blocked efforts to prevent this drilling from taking place until after an environmental impact study was completed.  That impact study still hasn’t been conducted, but let’s look on the bright side, we can just treat this real world catastrophe as the study.  See?  I’m not always a negative Nancy.

Here’s the interview.

And just in case Youtube deletes the videos, you can view the interview here as well.


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