Of drones and WMD

Gosh, all this killing by remote control is really funny stuff.

Hardy har har, and whatnot.

I just hope that Obama doesn’t go after the Jonas Brothers while they are attending a wedding.  Let’s reserve that type of uncivilized slaughter for those dirty Mooslims in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

Oh, and don’t forget that the souped up, extrajudicial White House Assassination Policy allows Obama to engage in the targeted killing (the word “assassination” is sooooo last week) of American citizens, just as long as an unnamed intelligence officer labels them as terrorists.  And as I said here, I’m 100% certain that this godlike power will never be misused.  It will only be used to kill honest to god, CIA certified terrorists.

Yuk yuk yuk.

They sure do hate us for our freedom.



  1. […] noted several times in this space that they don’t hate us for our freedom.  I said it here, just the other day, and in this piece, I put it this […]

  2. […] You know the type.  I’m talking about the ones who seem to have checked their consciences at the door to the Hope and Change Magical Ball, where extrajudicial assassinations are normalized, and push-button murder is a punchline. […]

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