Dems and Repugs; an allegory

“The following is a true story, only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.”

~Bon Scott

Here in NYC, there is a music shop called Joey’s.  It’s on 48th
street, right across from Power Chordz, which is a well known corporate giant.

Joey’s has always been the place where the true, pure musicians go
to buy their equipment with a clear conscience, because it’s historically been an independently owned and operated shop, free from corporate influence.

Unfortunately, that’s now ancient history, because the people who own Power Chordz have also owned Joey’s for quite a while now.

That’s right.  They have different aesthetics, different prices,
different managers, different sales people, and different levels of
friendliness/customer service, but both organizations are accountable
to the exact same shareholders.

Most people still have no idea that this is the case, of course, because Joey’s is still called Joey’s, and they still present an independent front to the world, but when you get beyond the surface, every dollar spent at Joey’s serves the same interests as every dollar spent at Power Chordz.

This is how everyone needs to think of the Democrats and the Republicans.


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