The 1040KILZ

Well, it’s tax day here in the good old US of A.  And since the United States now has the largest military budget in, like, forever, I’ve been thinking that it would be a great idea to allow Americans to direct some of their tax dollars towards purchasing specific weapons, or even an individual bomb.

Perhaps we could even be notified when the weapon was used, and what the results were. These results could then be tallied, and annual monetary awards could be presented.  Categories could include the most infrastructure destroyed (in square feet), the most Muslims inspired to become terrorists as a direct result of the attack, and of course, the most limbs separated from torsos.

I really believe that this would go a long way towards silencing all of those sissy cry babies who keep screaming about taxation without representation. Our focus groups show that people feel a whole lot better about mindless destruction in support of corporate empire when they think of it as an investment, or a charity donation, and this initiative combines both of those aspects.

Of course, this money should be deductible in the following tax year. After all, I’m not crazy.

The new tax form should be called the 1040KILZ.


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  1. fantastic

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