The Destruction of Real Dissent in the Last Empire Standing

The destruction of real dissent continues in the last empire standing.

The latest uppercut appeared in the New York Times on March 27, and quite frankly, it’s like they’re not even trying any more.  But hey, why put forth any effort if the same old tricks keep working?  And in this case, the same old trick is to point out a few members of a movement who are easily characterized as “kooky”, or confused, or (gasp) constitutionalists, and then paint the entire movement with that brush.

Like I said in one of my Facebook debates yesterday:

“Entire movements shouldn’t be reduced to their lowest common denominator, although that’s what the corporate media is doing in order to protect the system that feeds it.

It’s useless to point at an idiot in a group of hundreds, or thousands, or tens of thousands, and label the entire group based on the idiot.

Isn’t that Common Sense 101?

Especially when you consider who is doing the pointing.  The corporate media show you what the corporate elite want you to see.  They literally create reality in editorial board rooms when they decide to label the tea partiers as “nut job right wingers”, when they easily could have been labeled something completely different, like:

“Progressives who want our tax dollars to go towards helping our own poor and middle class instead of towards helping corporations and killing brown people thousands of miles away in order to procure more resources.”

I went on to say:

“The tea party movement started out as a bipartisan grass roots movement, by people for whom the multi-trillion dollar “bailouts” and Obama’s continuation of most of the Bush administration’s empire expanding policies and civil liberties destruction were the last of many straws.  I was at the first event in NYC, and it was mostly people who understood that the phrase “too big to fail” really meant socialism for the rich while screwing the poor and the middle class, which really means corporatism, which was Mussolini’s definition of fascism.

Many of them were extremely bright, well informed people who have had it with both existing parties because they understand that they are both complicit in the destruction of this country’s poor and  middle class at the expense of international corporations, while killing and maiming millions of innocent civilians in foreign countries in order to expand corporate profits and power.

The movement was quickly co-opted by the GOP though, and the corporate media jumped on the “all tea partiers are wack-job right wingers” meme because they understood that a real grass roots bipartisan movement of people who had figured out that the real game is militarist empire expansion for the sake of international corporate profits, was dangerous to their system.”

And unfortunately, the corporate media’s strategy worked like a charm.  First, to scare most real progressives away from the movement, and now, to drive home the Orwellian point that any criticism of our Lords and King is racist, or dangerous, or the latest and greatest in the coporo-propaganda lexicon; domestic terrorism.

Are many tea partiers confused about details?  Certainly, but that’s mostly because the two-party system and corporate controlled media does such a good job of pitting us against one another while taking turns selling ALL of us out.  The fact that a movement has idiots in its membership does NOT mean that the movement is NOT justified in much of its anger towards a power structure that hasn’t represented normal people for decades, and as far as I’m concerned, that IS taxation without representation.

I don’t want the US government borrowing money from international bankers and foreign countries in order to sustain the largest military budget in the history of the known universe, while ignoring the demands of the majority for single payer health care.

I’m not being represented and haven’t been for a really long time.  Being pissed about that is a very reasonable reaction, regardless of whether some of the other people who are also pissed are idiots.

I urge you to read the entire Times piece, but the most egregious  moment is this:

Jeff McQueen, 50, blames the government for his unemployment. “Government is absolutely responsible, not because of what they did recently with the car companies, but what they’ve done since the 1980s,” he said. “The government has allowed free trade and never set up any rules.”

He and others do not see any contradictions in their arguments for smaller government even as they argue that it should do more to prevent job loss or cuts to Medicare. After a year of angry debate, emotion outweighs fact.

First of all, blaming the government for enacting policies (NAFTA and the WTO) that have led directly to a massive loss of good, blue collar jobs in the United States is not a kooky idea.  Those policies have indeed been responsible for the off-shoring of millions of jobs over the past twenty or so years, while benefiting the multinational corporations who now pay pittance wages and zero benefits to people who live in third world countries that don’t seem to have even the tiniest problem with sweat shops.  This is fact, not fiction.  Further, it’s not at odds with wanting smaller government, even though the Times does NOT quote McQueen ever saying that he wants smaller government.  The Times simply did what it always does; it irresponsibly conflates in order to protect the system that feeds it.

And really, what are people to do when they suddenly find themselves in a completely different reality from the one they spent their youth preparing for, and they discover that their future was sold out from beneath them by THEIR representatives for the sake of profits for INTERNATIONAL corporations, and their skill set now makes them qualified to stock shelves, or run a cash register for $8.00 dollars an hour, if they’re lucky enough to have a job at all?

We’ve all been royally screwed over the past 30 years, but as long as 50% of the population continues to point and laugh at the other 50%, instead of getting pissed off at the people on top (from both parties), who are doing the screwing, then I’m afraid we’re going to continue to inflate the dollar, murder children in foreign countries for phony, media hyped reasons, export good jobs that actually contribute to GDP, tighten the Orwellian “security” control grid, and generally slide towards 3rd world status.

And all of this is EXACTLY what the system wants.  What it needs.  What it craves.  And this is exactly why the Times, and all of the other tools of the system have been mobilized to misrepresent, conflate, and basically make certain that most people will never understand how badly the two-party, corporate juggernaut is screwing EVERYBODY, from both sides, and those who do understand will never band together in any meaningful way to put an end to it.



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